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Commercial License in Dubai

A commercial trade license in the UAE allows businesses to engage in trading activities, buying and selling goods within the country. It’s a legal requirement for companies involved in commercial trade.

Here are seven steps to obtain a commercial trade license in the UAE:

  1. Choose Business Activity: Determine the specific trading activities your business will engage in, as each activity may require a different trade license.

  2. Select Business Name: Choose a unique and suitable name for your business that complies with the UAE’s naming regulations.

  3. Select Jurisdiction: Decide on the emirate where you wish to obtain the trade license, as each emirate has its own licensing authorities and regulations.

  4. Legal Structure: Determine the legal structure of your business, whether it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership, or a company. This will impact the license application process.

  5. Location: Decide on the business location. If you’re not located in a free zone, you’ll need a physical office space for some license types.

  6. Submit Documentation: Prepare the necessary documents, which usually include passport copies, visa copies (for expatriates), lease agreement for office space, and any required approvals or NOC from relevant authorities.

  7. Apply for License: Submit the trade license application to the relevant licensing authority in your chosen emirate. This can usually be done online or through an authorized service center.

  8. Review and Approval: The authorities will review your application and documents. If everything is in order, your trade license will be approved.

  9. Receive Trade License: Upon approval, you’ll receive your commercial trade license, allowing you to legally conduct trading activities within the UAE.

Elevate Your Business

Legitimacy and Compliance

A commercial trade license provides legal authorization for your trading activities, ensuring you operate within the framework of UAE regulations.

Market Access

Holding a trade license opens doors to the UAE's thriving market, allowing you to tap into the country's diverse consumer base and business opportunities.

Business Expansion

With a trade license, you can engage in import and export activities, expanding your business beyond local boundaries and potentially reaching global markets.

Partner and Investor Confidence

Having a trade license enhances your credibility among partners, clients, and potential investors, boosting their confidence in your business operations.

Advantages of having a Commercial Trade License

Customs Privileges

A Commercial Trade License provides access to customs benefits and exemptions, streamlining import and export processes and reducing costs.

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Diverse Business Activities

Businesses with a Commercial Trade License can engage in a wide range of trading activities, enabling flexibility and potential for growth.


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Legal Protection

Holding a Commercial Trade License ensures legal protection for your trading operations, safeguarding your business from potential legal challenges.

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Our Package Inclusions:

Application Assistance

Professional support to prepare and submit the trade license application accurately and efficiently.

Documentation Guidance

Expert guidance in compiling and organizing the necessary documents required for the license application.

Authority Liaison

Assistance in liaising with relevant authorities, ensuring adherence to regulations and requirements throughout the application process.

License Acquisition

Comprehensive service to guide you through the process until the trade license is successfully obtained, allowing you to focus on your business.

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